Space Shuttle  Atlantis  with missing OMS Pods and engines in the VAB at Kennedy Space Center.
 A Payload Bay view from the Mid-deck hatch window of  Atlantis .  The Airlock had already been removed.
 Looking from the Commander's seat at Bill Powers fine-tuning the interior lighting of Space Shuttle  Endeavour  during one of the final times that the orbiter was powered up.
 The SCA 747 with Space Shuttle  Discovery  landing at Dulles International Airport.   Read more about the process of transferring  Discovery  to the Smithsonian on my   National Geographic NewsWatch blog .
  Discovery  perched on the SCA at Dulles International Airport.
  Discovery  goes nose-to-nose with  Enterprise , the Space Shuttle atmospheric test orbiter that never went to space.   Discovery  replaced  Enterprise  on Smithsonian display.
 The NASA "Meatball" logo hand painted on the starboard side of  Discovery  near the aft entrance opening.
 Silica tiles, thermal blanket and painted instructions on the exterior starboard side of  Discovery 's Crew Module.
 Looking up into  Endeavour 's nose landing gear while parked in the VAB at Kennedy Space Center.
 The aft-end of  Atlantis  where the three Main Engines attach.
 The copper nozzle inside of an engine at the Space Shuttle Main Engine Processing Facility (SSMEPF) at Kennedy Space Center.
 Burn scarring to the silica tiles on the nose of  Atlantis  resulting from her thirty-three missions to space and back.
 The Flight Deck of  Atlantis .
 The powered-up central console and glass cockpit of  Endeavour 's Flight Deck.
 Overhead controls in  Endeavour 's powered-up Flight Deck.
 Jay Beason communicates over the radio from  Endeavour 's Flight Deck to employees in the Firing Room that help control the powered-up orbiter.
  Endeavour 's Ku-band antenna deployed from the Payload Bay.
  Endeavour 's overland journey from Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center led through neighborhoods, over the 405 freeway and occasionally past liquor stores, adult video stores and fast food chains like these in Inglewood.  Read more about  Endeavour 's overland journey through LA in my post on  National Geographic's NewsWatch blog .
  Endeavour  waiting to cross the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.
 Crowds surround  Endeavour  making the turn from Crenshaw Boulevard to Martin Luther King Boulevard in Los Angeles.
 A detail of one of  Discovery 's main landing gear tires used during her final landing.
 The hatch that led from  Endeavour 's Airlock to the International Space Station when the orbiter was docked there during its construction.
 The reinforced carbon carbon leading edge of  Atlantis ' starboard wing.
  Endeavour 's starboard wingtip where the horizontal flight surface meets the aileron.
 Replacing one of the rear Flight Deck windows from  Discovery  that was impacted by a micro-meteor on its final mission.
 Travis Thompson sharing stories from a passageway between the Mid-deck and Flight Deck of  Atlantis .
  Discovery 's Mid-deck in final preparations for its Smithsonian display.
 The starboard side of  Discovery 's Mid-deck where astronauts would sleep against the wall during missions.
  Atlantis  made one final journey overland from the VAB to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for her permanent display.   Learn more about this day-long process on my  National Geographic blog .
  Atlantis  followed by former Space Shuttle Program employees while rolling away from the VAB for her final time.
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