A Syrian refugee ready to depart Greece waits with 4000 others who crossed the border that day.  Gevgelija, Macedonia
 Syrian refugees crossing the border out out of Greece.  Gevgelija, Macedonia
 A Syrian refugee waits with her family's possessions while paperwork is sorted allowing them to continue traveling north to Germany.  Gevgelija, Macedonia
 The Mukhtar of Kitteh has opened a school on his property for Syrian refugee children in the village. The skills they learn help these students test into the Jordanian school system.  Jordan
 Ahmad Shami leads the yellow team through a leadership and team building seminar during Project Amal ou Salam's workshop with Syrian refugee children in the Kitteh region.  Jordan
 These students learn the basics of journalism and television news reporting during Project Amal ou Salam's Career Day at their school in Kitteh.  Jordan
 Students participating in a Project Amal ou Salam photography workshop in the Al-Husn Camp, a large Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan that has taken in hundreds of Syrian refugee families.  Jordan
 Project Amal ou Salam students listen to a presentation about their Syrian homeland under a Jordanian flag at the Palestinian Al-Husn refugee camp outside of Irbid.  Jordan
 A Syrian refugee in temporary housing.  Kitteh, Jordan
 Cooking over an open fire at the Lulugo IPD Camp outside of Juba.  South Sudan
 Working on craft projects at the Confident Children Out of Conflict (CCC) orphanage in Juba.  South Sudan
 Preparing dinner among the tents at the Lulugo IPD Camp. Learn more about our student's work  here  during National Geographic's Photo Camp program in Juba.  South Sudan
 Bathing in the Nile River near the Lulugo IPD Camp.  South Sudan
 Nikita was forced from his home in Donetsk by the war in Eastern Ukraine and now lives with other IDPs in this squatter home in Kharkiv while trying to restart his schooling.  Ukraine
 Forced from her home in Eastern Ukraine, this woman and her family have been taken in by another family in Izyum until the fighting stops.  Ukraine
 Two residents of the Romashka Camp for IDP families outside of Kharkiv.  Ukraine
 The Romashka Camp has been built outside of Kharkiv to house IDP families forced to flee their homes. Learn about our National Geographic Photo Camp students  here , each of them an IDP from Eastern Ukraine or Crimea.  Ukraine
 An IDP boy gives a tour of his temporary home in Izyum after being taken in by another family.  Ukraine
 A girl and her chicken at home in Altos de la Florida, a community of families living illegally on land outside of Bogota after fleeing drug violence and other warfare in their hometowns.  Colombia
 Construction of a new home on this hillsides of Altos de la Florida with a view of Soacha and Bogota below.  Colombia
 At home in Altos de la Florida. Learn about our student's photography  here  during this VisionWorkshops program.  Colombia
 The Tree of Love towers over the sports field in Altos de la Florida, the only flat, open area of the hillside community.  Colombia
 Walking home from the store in Altos de la Florida.  Colombia
 Doing chores at the CCC orphanage in Juba.  South Sudan
 The walk to the Nile River outside of the Lulugo IPD Camp.  South Sudan
 This mother and her son are sick and forced to sleep outside of their home in the Lulugo IPD Camp to hopefully keep the remainder of her family from becoming infected.  South Sudan
 This Syrian refugee shares his paperwork from Greece, no longer helpful, valid, or even in an language anyone understands now that he's passed out of the country.  Gevgelija, Macedonia
 One of our National Geographic Photo Camp students photographing the Roman ruins in Jarash.  Read more about our work with Syrian refugee children  here .   Jordan
 Learning about human anatomy during a Project Amal ou Salam workshop.  Kitteh, Jordan
 A Syrian refugee mother comes to support her children during a Project Amal ou Salam workshop in Irbid.  Jordan
 Ala'a leads the group in song at the closing of the Project Amal ou Salam workshop in Irbid.  Jordan
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