Dr. Raj sews up a young girl's chin at Tapaz Hospital after she took a fall to her face at school.   Philippines
 First-time pregnant women learning about what to expect during childbirth.   Philippines
 Midwife Katherine shares an ultrasound image with a soon-to-be older brother.   Philippines
 Social Worker Liz learning about Tapaz Hospital's discharge and filing practices.   Philippines
 A clothing factory with a new clinic for their workers, 80% of whom are women.   Indonesia
 Employees of a clothing factory with a HOPE supported clinic.   Indonesia
 Dr. Joyce presenting to the mayor and city council of Subang.   Indonesia
 Dan, Seth and Dr. Chris review a new X-ray of a young girl's leg at Tapaz Hospital.   Philippines
 A young patient with her mother.   Philippines
 Boys play basketball outside of the Taslan outreach clinic.   Philippines
 Dr. Raj consults with a nurse about a prospective TB patient at the Tapaz Health Center.   Philippines
 Brachial plexus birth palsy treatment on a young patient.   Haiti
 At a Project HOPE funded physical therapy clinic in Carrefour.   Haiti
 Getting fitted for new and better crutches.   Haiti
 A baby gets their next series of shots at the Project HOPE funded clinic.   Dominican Republic
 A newborn exam in the rural Monte Plata clinic partially funded by Project HOPE.   Dominican Republic
 Sharon presenting at the Bupati Serang's residence.   Indonesia
 Dr. Joyce and Sharon sharing stories with the Bupati Serang after dinner at his residence.   Indonesia
 Dr. Chris reviewing the charts with Dr. Ron in the nursing station of Tapaz Hospital.   Philippines
 Dr. AK uses her ultrasound to investigate for TB symptoms in a patient.   Philippines
 Dr. Barry and Nurse Veronica check a young patient at the Malitbog outreach clinic.   Philippines
 Dr. Chris and Nurse Nick discuss the symptoms of their patient at the San Julian outreach clinic.   Philippines
 Alison processing a long queue of patients at the Candelaria outreach clinic.   Philippines
 Dr. Joyce having her blood pressure checked at a local community clinic.   Indonesia
 In for a checkup and vaccinations.   Dominican Republic
 Celebrating the opening of a temporary US Air Force health clinic as part of Operation Pacific Angel outside of Pekanbaru.   Indonesia
 Being fitted with their first pair of glasses by an Air Force eye doctor.   Indonesia
 An Air Force dentist removing rotten teeth.   Indonesia
  The US Army's Sight, Sound and Smile team  performing a cleft palate surgery as part of Operation Pacific Angel.   Indonesia
 The Lion Dance during ceremonies at the Subang city hall.   Indonesia
 The factory floor of a clothing factory.   Indonesia
 Two young patents at the field hospital.   Indonesia
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