Walking home from school with her brother in Ekureku.
 Angelina and her husband Okoro adopted two young orphans in the Oban community after they were abandoned by their mentally ill mother.  In order to gain legal custody of the children, Okoro had to take their mother as his second wife even though she wanders the street and has no interest in them.  The four are now a strong family and the children are back in school.
 When Cameroon and Nigeria redrew their border to settle competing oil claims, a population of Nigerians on the far side of that line were forced from their homes. Some of those families now reside in an IDP camp located inside of a school.
 Carrying collected firewood home to her family's tent in the Bakassi IDP Camp in Maiduguri.
 Friday prayers in the Dalori IDP Camp in Maiduguri.
 Waiting outside of the clinic in the Bakassi IDP camp.
 IDP families living in the Sulumri host community.
 Squatting in a partially-completed structure in the Suleimanti IDP host community.
 Walking between tents in the Sabon Gari IDP host community.
 Carrying food home to her family in Sabon Gari.
 In the home of an IDP family in the Suleimanti host community.
 A meeting under the mango tree in the Suleimanti host community.
 When asked where his father was, Kingsley pointed to the mound in front of their house.  Both parents had died of AIDS in the past couple of years and the 15-year-old head of the household in Igbudu was now supporting his two younger siblings.
 Augustina has struggled to support her three children after her husband died because of limited opportunities available to widows in Nigeria. 
 After their father died of AIDS, the Ndukwa family had no incoming money for food or school and became dangerously malnourished.  Wish assistance from the community and Project Hope, they're more stable again.  Here Augustina's three children receive advice for succeeding in school from several leaders of their community.
 Ikwo and her mother, both living on the rural border with Cameroon at the Akpabuyo IDP Camp.
 A boy carries his sister outside of their shelter in the Suleimanti IDP host community.
 Two neighboring IDP homes in Suleimanti.
 Scaling a wall on the edge of Suleimanti.
 The wife and son of a community leader in the Sulumri IDP host community.
 Children in the Sabon Gari IDP host community.
 A grandmother in Sulumri.
 Ekitite shows off her garden tucked between buildings near the harbor in Calabar.
 Red means severe malnutrition for this 8-month old baby girl.  She and her family live in the Dalori IDP camp with over 30,000 other residents.
 Digging a pit toilet against the back wall of the Dambon Road IDP host community in the midday heat.
 Laundry day in the Bakassi IDP camp, the second largest camp in Maiduguri with over 20,000 residents.
 Multiple generation living in the same home in Sabon Gari community.  With few other opportunities, women sew traditional hats to earn income for supporting their families.
 After Philomina's husband died, she struggled to find work to support her three children, a common problem for Nigerian widows.
 Mr. Chilbueze's two young wives pick oranges in the yard between their houses.  Without access to family planning education, the polygamist family has grown more quickly than their income can support and all 11 children are malnourished.
 A young woman at home in Abakaliki.
 Women and their children in Suleimanti.
 Siblings in the Oban community.
 Sisters doing each other's hair in the Sabon Gari IDP host community.
 Behind the Akpabuyo IDP Camp in Ikang, a primary school that houses Nigerian families displaced from their land by border conflicts with neighboring Cameroon.  The land is rich with oil that both countries are anxious to profit from, even at the expense of the people who live there.
 This boy keeps the beat during a song at the Neighborhood Care-well Foundation, a facility in the rough part of Calabar providing orphans and other at-risk children a safe place to keep off the street and in school.
 On the main street of the Sabon Gari IDP community.
 A newborn in the Dambon Road IDP community in Maiduguri.
 Dressed up for the holiday weekend in the Sabon Gari community of Maiduguri.
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