The Rano Raraku quarry where all moai were carved before being moved to locations around Easter Island. Many still remain at the quarry planted half-buried but standing upright. ( Chile )
 Ahu Tongariki along the coastline of Easter Island. ( Chile )
 A fresh coat of whitewash in the mountain town of Barichara. ( Colombia )
 Tennessee Primary School's Annual Cultural Day on Christmas Island. ( Kiribati )
 Near Banana village on Christmas Island in an area previously used as a US and British military dump during nuclear testing on the atoll. ( Kiribati )
 I.M. Pei's pyramid at the Louvre in Paris. ( France )
 Behind the alter in Notre Dame, Paris. ( France )
 A potter at his wheel in Guaitil. ( Costa Rica )
 Paul removes the hook from a fresh catch off of Baja. ( Mexico )
 The first clear sunset after dodging Hurricane Hilary north of Zihuatanejo. ( Mexico )
 The marks of over a million ships that have transited the Panama Canal in its nearly 100 years of existence. ( Panama )
 Just beyond the Culebra Cut in Lake Gatun while transiting the Panama Canal from west to east. ( Panama )
 Dubrovnik's Placa at night. ( Croatia )
 Red-tiled roofs over Dubrovnik. ( Croatia )
 Fall colors in the French Valley of Torres del Paine National Park. ( Chile )
 Rio Ascencio in Torres del Paine National Park. ( Chile )
 El Purutal in the San Agustin archeological site. ( Colombia )
 Boating back from Drua Drua Island. ( Fiji )
 Calle 17 in Mompos. ( Colombia )
 Taj Mahal visitors in Agra. ( India )
 Grandmother with her family at the Taj Mahal. ( India )
 The Dubai Fountain puts on a show at sunset below the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world. ( United Arab Emirates )
 A seven-star luxury hotel, the Burj Al Arab, stands shaped like a sail just offshore in Dubai on its own island in the Persian Gulf. ( United Arab Emirates )
 Parliament Square at Trinity College in Dublin. ( Ireland )
 The Long Room of Trinity College's Old Library. ( Ireland )
 London village is the main relocation destination on Christmas Island for government transplants from Tarawa, the overcrowded and polluted capital of Kiribati. These 5000 residents have few opportunities for employment, almost no access to freshwater and because the government has retained ownership of the land, little ability to lease land. It's still considered an improvement from Tarawa. ( Kiribati )
 Annual Cultural Day dancing at Christmas Island's Junior Secondary School. ( Kiribati )
 A strawberry hermit crab making its way across uplifted coral so eroded and sun-baked that its almost like natural pavement. ( Kiribati )
 Emerging from the Siq canyon in the footsteps of Indiana Jones at the ancient city of Petra. ( Jordan )
 Camels waiting by the Treasury for passengers. ( Jordan )
 Petra's Street of Facades. ( Jordan )
 High above Wadi Rum. ( Jordan )
 Mushroom Rock in Wadi Rum. ( Jordan )
 Wadi Rum transportation. ( Jordan )
 Bedouin guides in Wadi Rum. ( Jordan )
 Spring flowers in Wadi Rum. ( Jordan )
 Construction near Chernobyl's Reactor #4 to eventually contain the radioactive debris from their 1986 disaster. ( Ukraine )
 A Ferris Wheel stands abandoned on the far end of Pripyat's Amusement Park, unused since the Chernobyl disaster just a few miles away. ( Ukraine )
 An animal's skeleton in the ruins of the unfinished cooling tower of Chernobyl's Reactor #5. ( Ukraine )
 Cranes still standing above the incomplete Reactor #5 after construction was halted in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. ( Ukraine )
 Broken bumper cars in Pripyat's Amusement Park near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. ( Ukraine )
 View from the top of Chernobyl's unfinished Reactor #5 looking at #1 through #4 and the new containment devise under construction to more permanently seal off the radioactive damage from the 1986 disaster. ( Ukraine )
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