A cloud-break in the Neumayer Channel.
  Torgersen Island Adelie penguin rookery near Palmer Station.
 A solo Adelie penguin near Cormorant Island.
 An unhatched Adelie egg on Torgersen Island.
 Growing Adelie chicks on Torgersen Island.
 Palmer Station, the smallest of the US Antarctic Program's three research stations run by the National Science Foundation.
 Palmer Station at sunset.
 A small iceberg near Bonapart Point.
 A huge iceberg near Biscoe Island.
 The barely frozen ocean surface is often called "grease ice" because of it's oily appearance.
 An eroded iceberg near Janus Island.
 A fierce Leopard Seal sleeping peacefully on an ice flow near Stepping Stones Island.
 Ice caves deep in the Erebus Glacier Tongue near McMurdo Station.
 Sunset colors in Arthur Harbor.
 Sunset over Mt. William on Anvers Island.
 Antarctic Terns on a chunk of ice near Dead Seal Island.
 Surfacing Humpback Whale near Torgersen Island.
 A feeding Humpback Whale in Arthur Harbor.
 An Elephant Seal laying near an Adelie Penguin colony on Torgersen Island.
 Rare, mirrored waters in the Neumayer Channel.
 Stranded ice on the shores of the Lemaire Channel.
 A fridgid swim in Arthur Harbor.
 Chinstrap Penguin yoga on Jacob's Island.
 Gentoo Penguin rookery at Port Charcot.
 Adelie Penguins marching to the water on Booth Island.
 Abandoned whaling boat on Deception Island.
 Gentoo Penguin on Amsler Island.
 A Skua couple reuniting on Jacob's Island.
 The Ceremonial Marker at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
 Reflective waters of the Neumayer Channel.
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